2015 Cowbell Highlights

It’s been a year already? 2015 Cowbell is in the books!

We had another successful Enduro this year. The weather and conditions were great for riding, albeit very cold in the morning. It rained, hailed and thundered a week before the event. The first arrow crew got caught up on the mountain and said they never heard thunder so loud. The hail was also so heavy it piled up on the trail like snow.

Another decent turnout of 123 sign ups and no major injuries which is always good.

For the first time two brothers rode pilot, but one didn’t make it. His rear sprocket decided to become a pretzel and wrap itself around the swing arm. Nobody was hurt and the bike was rescued the next day. Big thank to all that helped.

Big thanks to everyone that participated and volunteered this year!!

Here are the results

2015 Cowbell results by Class

2015 Cowbell results Overall

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