Forest Mud

1970 Cowbell Enduro

In 1970, over 1500 riders set out on the Cowbell Enduro in what turned out to be very rainy conditions. As riders reached Thistle Glade, the conditions turned to extreme and riders were forced to return to the start or leave their bikes and walk out or in some cases, spend the night in the forest.

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Biography of Charles Willis Bird

Middle Creek CCC Camp

The Cowbell Enduro has been held the past several years in the Upper Lake District of the Mendocino National Forest.

The start location is the Middle Creek Campground. This campground was the headquarters of the Civilian Conservation Corp known as the CCC's. The CCC's started in 1933 and ended in 1942 to provide jobs.

The following article is the recollections of Charles Willis Bird and his memories of the CCC camp at Middle creek.

Many of the names of areas we still see in the area are mentioned in the article, Pitney, Streeter, Mason, Etc.

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