Forest Mud

As news reached back to the start and to town, lumber companies dispatched helicopters and were lifting out bikes and bringing them back to camp. The charge was $40 a piece. The newspaper article attached is from the following Monday in the Oakland Tribune. This fiasco led to the US Forest Service to start limiting the events to a 750 rider maximum number of entrants.

Forest Mud Last of 300 Cyclists Rescued Lakeport - A team of volunteers in a Jeep patrol worked for 24 hours before freeing the last of 150 to 200 motorcyclists stuck in a foot deep mud trap in the Mendocino National Forest wilderness. The Lake County Sheriff's office said deputies, forest rangers and other civilian volunteers, using citizens band radio, worked together to rescue the stranded cyclist and got the last man out at 6:30 p.m. yesterday. Deputy Richard Dennison said many were taken to local hospitals for treatment on minor injuries after they were hauled out of the area. Those stranded were among 1,500 cyclist who took part in the Cow Bell Enduro north of Lakeport over the weekend. But due to heavy rains, a group of about 400 motorcyclist bogged down in Thistle Glade about 40 miles north of Lakeport according to Deputy Ed Epperson. Dennison said some of them tried to walk out and one of them managed to contact the sheriff's office around 6 p.m. Sunday. But some 300 were stranded in the muddy area with their bikes and spent the first night huddled around bonfires, he said.